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When a devastating hurricane hit Miami in 1992, Siaosi Lino came up with the idea to make a house that could with stand tornadoes, earthquakes, heavy winds and flooding from hurricanes. In 2005 he created the new storm resilient home. He patented his invention and it is known as The Lino Storm Proof Home.

Welding is the core expertise needed to create this new home. The inventor is a certified welder that has been working in the welding industry for over 40 years. He has acquired the skills and expertise to build this housing structure.

​The inventor has designed and built metal railings, boats, fences, staircases, and other metal welding pieces. He is known for his artistry and craftsmanship work throughout Manatee, Sarasota and other surrounding counties in Florida.

See his skill for yourself and take a glance at some of his past work in the pictures below.

The Lino Storm Proof Home Inventor

Siaosi Kaihau Lino


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Storm proof home