The cost of the housing structure is $150.00 per square foot. The Flotation option is an additional $100.00 per square foot.


We will supply each customer with their own customized house built to withstand the worst of any storms. Home plans will vary from 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath to 4 Bedroom, 3 Bath homes, based on the customer’s request. The house will include the bottom foundation with its own septic tank, water purifier, and floatation components.​​

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Bradenton, FL US

The Lino Storm Proof Home is a patented invention of aluminum-foam structural housing unit that is storm-proof, self-contained, and built to withstand natural disaster conditions resulting from hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, flood, and fire.

There are different styles of homes that we build, but of course each home is fully customizable to meet your unique needs. 


Storm proof home

The combined use of aluminum alloy and foam as its building materials gives the unit its great strength, as well as the versatility needed to face natural disaster conditions while providing absolute resistance to heavy winds, flooding, earthquake, and fire. 

Since the unit is buoyant, during flooding conditions it lifts from the ground and is guided by vertical poles to maintain a horizontal orientation. The unit automatically disconnects from public utility systems as lifting occurs, and provides its inhabitants with self-contained sources of water, electrical energy, and sewage management.​

When natural disasters hit, other homes in your area may be flooded and with out power. You made the smart investment and purchased a Lino Storm Proof Home. Enjoy your peace of mind with a home that is dry and still using the convenience of electricity.